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Australian Tax Office objection

We can assist you with your tax objection, even if we have not previously worked for you. Patrick Sheehan has lodged many objections on behalf of taxpayers dissatisfied with their assessments. In his experience, the following are the most common questions asked by clients considering an objection:

Are there time limits to having an objection considered?

Yes, there are time limits to having an objection considered but there are many exceptions to this general rule. Patrick has successfully lodged an objection to a ten year old assessment, so there are ways to manage old objections favourably.


Will the ATO audit all of my tax returns when I lodge an objection?

If your assessment is more than two years old the ATO will generally be limited to considering the particular that you’re objecting to and can’t audit everything. Although, there are exceptions to the rules of review, and we recommend that you seek professional advice.


Is an objection a very costly process?

Generally, it is less costly than the fees you incurred for the audit to be managed by a professional. We have charged as little as $500 for an objection to be lodged and managed successfully, but this will vary if your issue is complex, or we have to reconstruct records.


Can I object to everything?

No, there are some things you can’t object to such as a Failure To Lodge Penalty, or a decision to issue a formal information request under s353-10 of Schedule 1 to the Taxation Administration Act 1953. These decisions can be reviewed via other means such as s13 of the Administrative Decisions (Judicial Review) Act 1977, or informally by using your rights in the Taxpayers Charter.


For any further information do not hesitate to contact us for a free initial discussion.

Disclaimer: This document should not be interpreted as tax advice. All information is of a general nature only and might no longer be up to date or correct. You should seek professional accredited tax and financial advice when considering whether the information is suitable to your or your client’s circumstances.

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